Wednesday, March 7, 2018


You can turn any photo into a sketch, then add back some color.
Original bottles on a sidewalk.

Sketchy Photo

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Playing with Gradient Tool

Going through old PSE tutorials and found one from Digital Scrapbooking Studio about Masking with the Gradient Tool.  It seems you make a new photo by combining two.

So I took this one of sheep in Tuscany:
And this one
I do not like the ugly fence in the top photo.  So I stacked the photos, added a gradient mask.
The fence is gone!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Editing Begins

My old Nanscraps blog has disappeared from lack of attention, it seems.  I decided I wanted to record my photo editing and digital scrapbook page building for our recent trip to France, Italy, and Spain with GoNext and Oceana.  This just might keep me on track.  I will also be posting some of my work to Facebook, of course.

Now lets see if I can recall how to actually do this!

Today I transferred the photos of the trip taken with my iPhone to this computer.  I use the Photosync app to do this...still don't know how to manipulate the Cloud.

For my first editing session, I chose two less than stellar photos of the Basilica of St. Mary in Florence.  I took many photos of the inside and outside, as did my husband.  I am sure his pictures are better, as are probably the ones took on my small, regular camera.  But to me, the fun is using PSE to turn really bad photos into something enjoyable.  So here goes.

First is a photo of the front of the Basilica taken directly into the sun.  Yeah, I know.  Anyway, I used some filters and actions to make it interesting.  I avoid ho-hum.

Yes, a bit creepy, sort of like a horror film, but interesting, nevertheless.

Next is a photo of the Dome of the same Basilica.  Florence is fond of red domes, and I wanted to maybe see the red in this bland photo.

The tour guide told us that the dome is not reinforced on the inside.  In fact,  it was the first 'octagonal' dome in history to be built without buttresses or a temporary wooden supporting frame. That architectural choice, in 1367, was one of the first events of the Italian Renaissance, marking a break with the Medieval Gothic style and a return to the classic Mediterranean dome (Wikipedia). Each section was built by a separate team of workmen, all working together at the same time.  The bricks alternated horizontal and vertical for strength.


You can turn any photo into a sketch, then add back some color. Original bottles on a sidewalk. Sketchy Photo